Progressivism and Transhumanism

The natural conclusion to progressive leftism can only be a transcendence of humanity – otherwise known as transhumanism. Without any appreciation of a metaphysical or spiritual force, this transformation has to be bought about through, initially – social engineering (the current phase), and ultimately – scientific engineering (genetic modification). The latter (and most mortifying) has been understood and written about or explored by artists such as Aldous Huxley (Brave New World), Michel Houellebecq (Atomised), George Orwell (1984), George Lucas (THX 1138) and many others. 

Unconsciously, or for the conspiratorially minded – consciously, the social engineering phase began with the French Revolution and the inversion of social order, which eventually led to a degeneration of social morality. Later, an awe-inspiring switching of gears would take place, led by the Frankfurt School, whom were equipped with far more than a “grass-roots” desire for revolution. The thinkers of the Frankfurt School would wield science – particularly behavioural psychology, to chip away at humanity itself. Through an infiltration of the institutions, they would weaponise all forms of education and begin the process of indoctrination that must necessarily precede the acceptance of genetical engineering of humans to fit the Utopian ideal – equality. 
It is important to take a moment here to make a brief point that seems self-evident to traditionalist thinkers. Equality is a legitimate social construct, and it can only be bought about through the alteration of what it means to be human, for it simply does not come about naturally. It is only through sheer force – social, political and militaristic (totalitarian) that Equality can be attempted, and so far, it has failed time and time again. This comes as no surprise to traditionalist, religious and conservative thinkers, as they embrace human nature in its entirety (although some such thinkers are painfully limited by this understanding, which can result in savagery on their behalf). 

However, for the progressive, failure to enforce equality through psychology only breeds an intense frustration and leads them to the realisation that it is human nature itself that must be fundamentally altered, and that that alteration must also be genetic. This realisation is at best expressed in transhumanism and at worst in otherkins (a freak subculture of emotionally fragile youths that identify as non-human and seek acceptance for their delusion). 

In all of this – as with all things human, there does exist a bitter irony (and one that I’m sure the more enlightened of progressives are well aware of), and that is: What would make us think that the genetic modification of humans to conform to the idealism that is Equality would not be corrupted by the power hungry? For some, this may be precisely the plan… While for many of the blind believers, the paradox remains elusive as they refuse to come to terms with the inevitabilities of human nature.


Brief musing on my contemporaries 

A generation adverse to abstinence, self-control and common sense. Unrepentant hedonists that shrivel and shriek at the sight of anything that may prick their conscience even the slightest, indignant in the face of any reinforcer of morality or virtue… Pseudo-intellectuals and halfwit ‘philosophers’ trapped in an echo-chamber, a circle jerk – with the same tired, old and half-baked justifications: ‘If it feels good – do it… It’s my body!’. 

The most bittersweet irony being their own (subconscious) self-awareness and shame – they know they are wrong, and the more wrong they are, the harder they will justify their hedonism. 
That’s why it is with great amusement that I watch people gleefully (and smugly) destroy themselves. There are no excuses and pleads to ignorance, and I have no pity for the smug and stupid.
I can already see them writhing in anger: ‘you’re no better, who are you to judge?!’ Oh, how great it must be to defer self-reflection when your conscience has been pricked. 


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Equality’s biggest enemy is nature itself. That’s precisely why every ideology that preaches it will always be in direct opposition with natural reality, and thus will only result in further turmoil. Nature makes no concessions for the weak, sickly or in the case of humans – apathetic. It has not bestowed skills and attributes equally and in most cases it has established a hierarchy (eg. top of the food-chain, pecking order or social class).

It is because of this fact that I compare progressivism and its subsequent “equality movements” (eg. feminism, affirmative action etc.) to some religious beliefs, as they aim to transcend and subvert nature and reality, attempting to mould both according to manufactured ideals.

Equality can therefore only be established and maintained by law, force and the threat of violence or ostracism, as it seeks to impose an order that would not naturally occur. It is worth noting that nowhere is this more obvious than in socialism, where inevitably successful groups or individuals have to be sabotaged or held back by the mass (proletariat) in order to maintain a “fairer” society.

The Religiosity of the Left: A Brief Comparison

It has been my contention for quite some time that the Left is, in many ways, a sort of placebo or ineffective replacement for the nourishment and spiritual healing that Religion has provided. From the obsession with the weak and the suffering, to the dogmatism, fervour and ideological hegemony – the two seemingly rival forces appear to share many common characteristics. However, as the likes of Jonathan Bowden have stated, the ultimate flaw of the Left is its unimaginative and unsparing materialistic nature. It is firmly grounded in what it calls “reality”, with no authority higher than itself to respond to. This tendency stems from its complete and utter refusal to understand (let alone embrace) human nature, and in particular our fascination with the supernatural or metaphysic, as well as the painfully obvious inequality that differentiates us.

White Guilt as Original Sin

One of the pillar concepts of contemporary progressivism is White Guilt, which can be best described as the belief that the White race or civilisation (Indo-Europeans) are guilty of the worst atrocities and injustices ever committed. This sentiment is perfectly and eloquently stated by a poster child of Left wing progressivism – Susan Sontag, in her famous quote: “The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean Algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, and Ballanchine ballets don’t redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history.”

Dismantling and destroying this concept is essentially child’s play for anyone not lobotomised by progressivism, and it is not my intention to critique it in depth, but I will endeavour to make a few brief points. The fundamental belief that all humans are equal and capable of the same behaviours negates the very idea that one particular group can exhibit a behaviour that is outside of the human range of behaviours that all humans are capable of. In other words, the evil of Whiteness is actually the evil of humanity itself. Left wing progressives cannot possibly admit or hold this idea, as it would destroy the incredibly fragile illusion they’ve conjured. For example, it’d force them to admit that if Whites can be uniquely evil, they can also hold other unique and undeniable traits such as: creativity, abstract thinking, self-awareness, ingenuity etc. Furthermore, in an incredible display of ignorance, Leftists tend to exclusively focus on a 200-500 year period of history as the basis of their idea that the Europeans are “the cancer of human history”. Completely ignoring other vast empires which exhibited the exact same behaviours as Europeans: colonisation, enslavement, warfare, torture etc. , they embarrass themselves in the face of anyone lucky enough to have received an unbiased education – or anyone that fully comprehends human nature. Finally, for the sake of humour, we must also point out that their their tendency and ability to be so self-reflective and idealistic is a defining and unique feature of European peoples – no other ethnic group has reached the level of self-reflection required to chastise itself and its children for events that took place hundreds of years ago, desperate to pay reparations not only monetarily but morally.

At its roots, the concept of White Guilt is almost identical to that of Original Sin. Whites are born flawed and guilty, and must spend their existence repenting for the sins of their ancestors, as well as the sin of being omnipotently privileged (which is apparently done by “Checking your privilege.”). They are indoctrinated from the earliest possible age – particularly in the case of Americans or Australians, being told that their forefathers were heartless murderers that displaced, enslaved and raped indigenous people. The premature planting of this seed creates the foundation for a life-time of self-loathing and would, in any sane society, be equated to child abuse.

This same toxic narrative is then perpetuated throughout highschool and reaches its climax at university – particularly in the liberal arts/humanities spheres, where the levels of irrational and fervent ethnomasochism border on the certifiably insane. In addition to the literal educational indoctrination, they are then exposed to a constant and life-long stream of mass media propaganda: Hollywood constantly ramming the Holocaust, Slavery and Indigenous Displacement down the throats of its viewers and click-bait pop-trash websites like Salon, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed posting mindless self-loathing drivel aimed at the lowest common denominator. Much like the Christian Church had its tools of reinforcement: scripture, sermons, priests, community and self-policing, so does the Left, using fundamentally identical concepts. It indoctrinates through education at all stages of life, it preaches through arts and the media and most importantly it uses social pressure and the unmatched level of self-awareness intrinsic to Whites to create an environment where people not only police each-other, but most importantly, police themselves. No one wants to be behind on the latest progressive trend, be it adorning chains and kissing the feet of Blacks or sleeping with HIV infected people lest you be seen as discriminatory. Thus the insanity keeps perpetuating itself – endlessly, for unlike Christianity with its concept of “redemption through Christ” as a final conclusion, Progressivism offers no such closure (other than suicide, which unsurprisingly has been suggested by some in the lunatic fringe as a cure for the ailment of White Guilt).

The World Police

“[…] the belief that vast regions everywhere on our planet should develop and mature to the level of present day Western systems which in theory are the best and in practice the most attractive. There is this belief that all those other worlds are only being temporarily prevented by wicked governments or by heavy crises or by their own barbarity or incomprehension from taking the way of Western pluralistic democracy and from adopting the Western way of life. Countries are judged on the merit of their progress in this direction. However, it is a conception which developed out of Western incomprehension of the essence of other worlds, out of the mistake of measuring them all with a Western yardstick.” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

On face value – the value on which, in our modern times, all things are taken, these words will resound with many “disillusioned” Westerners whom are tired of our wars in the Middle East and countless other “indiscretions”. However, the full implications of the quote will either elude the ignorant majority or offend their deeper sensibilities. For what does it actually entail? From allowing Russia to prevent the spread of homosexuality to standing by as Muslims decapitate their enemies and prevent their women from educating themselves, to watching as long-standing ethnic conflicts rage throughout Africa – these are just some of the perceived injustices that Westerners would have to accept as realities – as manifestations of cultures vastly different to their own, if they truly understand what Solzhenitsyn meant. Simply put: The World Police would no longer exist and its imposition of a singular morality would cease.

Modern progressives have fallen in the trap of having replaced religion with the concept of “human rights”, wherein they treat these “rights” much like the religious treat scriptures as divine and ultimate truths. This tendency stinks of pure idealism, and we all know such “idealisms” stir with the desire to impose themselves.

There are no universal rights. There are no universal moral values. The obstinate diversity of our world with its variety of peoples and cultures breeds obvious adversity to these attempts at enforcing one morality.

So how many of you are willing to let other cultures breathe – even if it means the manifestation of their culture is against what you perceive to be universally preferable?